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Transforming Education: UniSHAMS Enhances Learning with Arvia SmartClassroom Technology

Client : Unishams | Project Date : 17-May-2024

Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah International Islamic University (UniSHAMS), a prestigious private university located in Kedah, has recently made a significant investment in modernizing its educational infrastructure by purchasing our comprehensive Arvia SmartClassroom solution. This cutting-edge educational technology package includes a state-of-the-art Arvia ARV100 65-inch Smartboard, a high-resolution camera, and a versatile projector.

UniSHAMS, known for its commitment to providing high-quality education in a variety of fields, including Islamic studies, Shariah, law, management, education, and information technology, will greatly benefit from this advanced technology. By integrating the Arvia SmartClassroom solution, UniSHAMS aims to enhance its teaching methodologies and provide an interactive and engaging learning environment for its students.

The Arvia ARV100 65-inch Smartboard is the centerpiece of this upgrade. This interactive smartboard offers a dynamic platform for both students and instructors. With its large, high-definition display, the ARV100 facilitates clear and vivid presentations, making it easier for students to grasp complex concepts. The smartboard’s touch-sensitive surface allows for intuitive interaction, enabling instructors to write, draw, and annotate directly on the screen. This feature is particularly beneficial for subjects like Shariah and law, where detailed explanations and real-time annotations can significantly enhance comprehension.

Complementing the smartboard, the included high-resolution camera is designed to capture and broadcast lectures with exceptional clarity. This is especially useful for UniSHAMS, as it can support remote learning initiatives and provide an opportunity for students who cannot be physically present to participate in live classes. The camera’s capability to record lectures also means that students can revisit lessons at their convenience, allowing for better retention and understanding of the material.

The versatile projector included in the Arvia SmartClassroom solution adds another layer of flexibility to UniSHAMS’ educational toolkit. This projector can be used to display content on large surfaces, making it ideal for larger lecture halls or special presentations. Its high brightness and resolution ensure that all displayed content is crisp and easy to read, even in well-lit environments. This will be particularly beneficial for the university’s postgraduate programs, where detailed visual presentations are often required to convey advanced concepts effectively.

UniSHAMS’ investment in the Arvia SmartClassroom solution reflects its dedication to staying at the forefront of educational technology. By embracing these innovative tools, the university is not only enhancing its current educational offerings but also setting a new standard for academic excellence in the region. The integration of these advanced technologies aligns with UniSHAMS’ mission to provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience, rooted in Islamic values and contemporary¬†knowledge.


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In conclusion, Arvia’s successful delivery, installation, and training of the smart classroom at Unishams in Kedah herald a new era of educational possibilities. Through collaborative efforts and forward-thinking initiatives, Arvia and Unishams have set a precedent for harnessing technology to enrich the learning journey and shape the future of education.