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Videowall IP KVM System In Control Centre ATT Tanjung Bin | Powered by AVCIT

IP Based KVM Videowall solution offers an option to system integrator, who prefer all-in-one control room KVM solution, What is more important, its built-in video wall controller perfectly supports LED wall too, this is verified by a lot of LED Display wall installation with some leading LED wall producer. For more information please visit us at : https://www.israk.my/videowall

We are very proud to have completed successfully and handed over the video wall project for ATT Tanjung Bin Sdn. Bhd at Jalan Kukup, Johor. Our client was looking for an easy way to control or change layout from 5 workstation PC as an input to 12 Arvia Videowall Display using IP based videowall controller. They using total of 25 input node, 20 KVM node (Keyboard+Video+Mouse) and 12 output node for their videowall system. We also supply server rack to organise all the workstation PC’s, 2 POE switch and input node. Plus, All the input can be control via tablet or ipad.

About AVCIT IP Based KVM Videowall
AVCIT DSIII is compact KVM encoder/decoder, designed to transmit FHD or UHD video and HID over standard Gigabit Ethernet with low latency, low bit rates(4-20Mbps) and high image quality up to Chroma of 4:4:4. High-performance virtual KVM matrix can be configured over IP, It is a fully distributed and dynamic KVM over IP solutions; Benefiting from its no-server design, any single encoder/decoder’s bug will not affect the entire system, It will surely reduce the risk of system, and add much value on your design of mission-critical command & control center.

AVCIT IP Based KVM Videowall offers intuitive Video Wall Processing over IP & Dynamic KVM over IP solutions for use in mission-critical environments, such as command & control, integrated operations centers, network operations centers, emergency operations centers. (In a Mission-Criticial Environment, Control room, data gathering, information displays, monitoring and incident response promtly is tatical for end users ).

Simplify the Office Enviroment
Creating stunning workspace by Locating critical server hardware in a secure environment, isolated from the noise,heat and dust.

Efficient daily office
Get pixel perfect image quality and visually latency free user experience, Competence to any mission critical tasks.

High efficient team collaboration
High efficient team collaboration, i.e.content sharing, internal video call, view & control up to 8 PC on 1 monitor.

24/7 Operation
Decentralized architecture, without single point of failure design, more stable for 24/7 operation.

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