Looking for an interactive touchscreen solution that allow user to easily and intuitively find their way around?

Digital WayfinderOur powerful Digital Wayfinding Software, Q-Wayfinder is a component of Q-Sign Digital Signage Software which allows you to do that effectively. Integrated with many full featured Digital Signage functions, it's suitable for corporate and college campuses, healthcare facilities, government buildings, hotel and conference centers and more. You will find our solution will be the perfect fit for your project. We have ready template for fast deployment or create custom design interactive wayfinding maps which lead your visitors through your facility and give your audience a convenient self-service source for information.

Our designers and creative team will work with your facility planners, marketing experts and project managers to concept, design, implement and test your interactive wayfinding touchscreen kiosks. Our solution is proven worldwide and now, we are offering to any organization the best-in-class Digital Wayfinding Solution in Malaysia. 



Digital Wayfinding Software

Digital Wayfinding Software is trending, and highly seek after.

Increase the image and value of your properties while giving an intuitive experience for all visitor. Why not provide your visitor with detailed directions in a rich, engaging and modern format using touchscreen technology? Blinking path arrows display the directional route on the maps while text directions offer additional assistance for those who prefer graphical directions. It helps users find their way around any campus, hospital, conference center, mall, park, or any other location, indoor or out.

Main Q-Wayfinder Software Functions :


  • Multi touch (zoom in & out)
  • 3D image
  • Switching the map directions as per the kiosk’s location


  • Floor search
  • Name search (with keyboard)
  • Category search

Pop-up image with destination:

  • Displaying the simple image & text with arrival to destination
  • Providing the edit tool for pop-up image & text

Advertising & Information on screen saver:

  • Automatically replacing screen saver to Ad in case of no-touch on screen
  • Providing the edit tool for advertising & timer setting

Easily moving the kiosk’s location

  • Providing the edit tool for setting the location of kiosk

Multi language:

  • Available for multi language & keyboard

Managing with digital signage server Software:

  • Dividing the screen layout
  • Displaying the different content such as ticker/RSS/ image/video/etc. to each screen
  • Totally managing all kiosks with one server/manager software

Fast Deployment

Use readily available template on various industries. Or you may modify/custom design your own.

Wayfinding Software Template

3D Map Tool.

Complex things become easier for everyone.

Wayfinder Program



Q-Sign Digital Signage Software Network Diagram

Connect all devices anywhere in the world through a centralized system.

Wayfinder Software Network