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Building Directory Wayfinding Software

Building Directory Wayfinding Software with various hardware solutions offers visitors an interactive and easy-to-use directory solution to find the company or destination. It's backed up by CMS system to manage and update your list as well as adding news or promotion banner.


Building Directory Software Key Features

Whether you are spread around the world or working remotely, our affordable and effortless range of equipment will be sure to get everybody running in parallel with each other.

Easy to update
Low cost
Scheduling feature
Remote management
Centralized control
Multiple Media Display

Future of Wayfinding Technology

Replace your old printed building directory with a new trend interactive kiosk in Malaysia. We have leveraged touchscreen technology to deliver interactive wayfinding & building directories to help visitors find locations or companies your building. The interactive wayfinding kiosks & building directories enable you to provide your guests with detailed information in a rich, intuitive way that creates engaging interactions. Not only it brings your property to the next level, it give your tenants and visitor a great experience with Israk’s Touchscreen Building Directory Solution.

With this touchscreen directory, you can display useful information about your tenants such as company’s names, the person in charge who take charge of the company, other company details and building facilities & amenities. These features make it easy for visitor and guest looking for a space to rent and or companies’ visitors, reducing a first time visitor’s anxiety over being in an unfamiliar place. The directory will guide persons new to the exact location of the location while easy to find the services and amenities that they will need in the course of their stay in the building. Learn more by requesting quotation or visit our shop, ArviaShop.

What is a wayfinding solution?

Wayfinding solution describes any display or information provided on a commercial or public site that helps people find their way through it.

What is wayfinding in digital?

Digital Wayfinding picks up where Google Maps leaves off, and the average user is already used to a digital presence. Digital wayfinding screens and kiosks are visual maps and traffic management systems presented in attractive, interactive, and customizable digital formats.

What is the difference between signage and wayfinding?

Wayfinding and signage are two different types of design that can be used to help people find their way. Wayfinding is a process of designing physical spaces and elements so that they are easy to navigate for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other users. Signage, on the other hand, is the use of visual symbols or messages to communicate information. Both ways of design can be used in retail environments, transportation systems, public spaces, and more.

What are examples of wayfinding?

Some examples of wayfinding signage include floor plans, area maps, building directories, street signs, and directional signs.

What is wayfinding graphic design?

Wayfinding design is the art of combining the design of map, signage, color, and symbols to effectively guide people to a location. Particularly useful in created environments, wayfinding design utilizes indoor signage, color-coding, and other tactics to help people find paths to their destinations with ease.

How do I create a wayfinding system?

Principles of wayfinding design include the following; ▪ Create a unique identity at each location ▪ Create regions of differing visual character ▪ Use sight lines to show what is ahead ▪ Don't overwhelm a user with options in navigations ▪ Provide signs at the decision points to assist in making wayfinding decisions ▪

What is the difference between wayfinding and navigation?

Wayfinding, the broader term, refers to how people find their way around environments. Navigation refers to the specific means by which people find their way, including route navigation, landmark navigation, and map navigation.

Why is it important to promote wayfinding?

Wayfinding is the practice of directing people to their destinations using signage and other navigational aids. It is an important part of any city’s infrastructure and can make visiting, shopping, and working in a city much easier. Wayfinding also helps reduce traffic congestion and makes it easier for people with disabilities to get around. All of these benefits make wayfinding an important part of urban life.

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