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Wireless Presentation System

The Vivitek's Novo is a wireless presentation system designed to support highly interactive and collaborative meetings or classroom learning activities. Meeting participants, instructors, teachers and students can interact and share digital content via their PCs, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones - A true Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) device.

wireless presentation system
wireless presentation system
wireless presentation system viitek novocast
Up to 8 Simultaneous Connections
External Wifi 300 Mbps & FastEthernet LAN
Collaboration tools – File-sharing, AirNote Annotating
Moderation and Screen Preview
Centralized Management
wireless presentation system vivitek novopro
Up to 64 Simultaneous Connections
External Wifi 300 Mbps & Gigabit LAN
On-screen participants list
Dynamic Screen layout
LauncherPlus Plug-n-Play
Builtin Voting / Polling Management
Intuitive on-screen operation
AES-128 encryption
wireless presentation system viitek novoenterprise
Easy-to-use playlist builder with automatic media player recognition
Supports LAN or USB playlist publishing
Available application templates and screen zone design options
Robust playlist scheduler
Support for landscape or portrait screen orientation
Playlist preview function
Compatible with Windows OS 7, 8, 10


NovoConnect supports true screen mirroring from iOS and Android devices. It features screen preview/moderator control, 4-to-1 projection, video streaming, instant response system (IRS), file sharing, and access to cloud-based resources. Built-in, whiteboard-interactive features encourage meeting or classroom participation, and all Novo's can be managed remotely over the network. The built-in Ethernet port allows for dual-network connection to accommodate Corporate / Guest or Student /Faculty networks. The NovoConnect can also be optionally equipped with the Launcher - a USB-connected device with software preloaded that, with the insertion and click of the Launcher, displays the computer screen. A true plug-n-play-to-display solution by using our wireless presentation system.

Deployment Guide

The Novo wireless presentation system products connects to your display via HDMI and supports HD 1080p at 60 FPS. NovoEnterprise series has HDMI as input too. It supports video playback of 4k Ultra HD at 30 FPS using only the microSD slot. In addition, on-screen annotation, screen capture, and distribution, full moderator control, wireless file sharing, QR code simple device connection (can be PIN secured), easy access to Cloud resources are additional features. 4 of the up to 64 connected users (or 8 in NovoCast) can be displayed at one time with a simple press of the Launcher button or selecting a user the App or Desktop Streamer with the touch of a finger or click of a mouse. NovoConnect, a BYOD wireless presentation systemsolution, supports all major mobile devices (phones, tablets, chromebooks and Mac/PC computers).

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