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All in one USB 4K UHD Huddle Room Camera and Audio

The new VB342+ makes group video calls easier and more efficient, delivering exceptional audio and video quality for enterprises. It is also equipped with cutting-edge features like SmartFrame, SmartSpeaker, True WDR, and FOV 120° to upgrade your conferencing experience.

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True WDR
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Wide FOV 120°

Key Features

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AVer SmartFrame Captures Everyone

Embedded with AVer SmartFrame, the VB342+ automatically frames all meeting participants, adjusting the camera zoom, pan, and focus to fit everyone on-screen in seconds without overreacting to unimportant movement. Have an efficient meeting with AVer SmartFrame.

SmartSpeaker Instantly Identifies Speakers

Highly sensitive SmartSpeaker Tracking pinpoints speakers wherever they are in the room, cutting through noise to zoom in on the human voice. Also, SmartSpeaker’s 6-meter diameter pickup range saves wasted time moving speakers closer to the microphone.
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