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Turn any flat surface into interactive panel

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Any flat surface into interactive panel. No gimmik !

Arvia Portable Finger Touch Interactive Whiteboard, is a portable interactive whiteboard that supports finger touch. You can use your finger not infrared pen to make writing.

Unlike a Smartboard which uses Built-in touch-enabled TV display panel, Arvia Portable Finger Touch Interactive Whiteboard can work with any projector or regular LCD TV screen and turn the projector screen or LCD Screen into finger touchable. Key features include portable and finger touch; can detect any non- transparent object; Works on any surface, no limit on the material; No limit on active size, range from 50-120'' size; can work with the common board and save the record of both mark pen and finger writing. Support any window-based application such as interactive learning from Arviaclass.

Key Interactive Whiteboard Features : 

  1. Support finger touch. No need infrared pen. User can use the finger to write and control the computer desktop on the active area directly. Beware, many IWB products in the market do NOT support finger touch.
  2. Multi-writing: two or more users can write simultaneously.
  3. Support Ultra Short Throw Lens. The installation distance to 80'' active screen is only 35cm.
  4. Support to delete the words with the normal eraser. The device can detect the object. User can use the normal eraser to delete the words and pictures without choosing the button in the software.
  5. Portable and easy to install. Total weight is less than 1kgs and the device can be installed on the wall with adhesive tape or nails. No skills needed.
  6. Turn normal whiteboard or wall into finger touchable. Any normal whiteboard or wall can be turned into finger touchable.
  7. Any non- transparent object can be used as pen, like a rolled paper. Arvia IWB adopted the Optical technology, even the pointer is lost, the users can use any non-transparent object beside hands to instead of the pointer to control the active area.
  8. Turn LCD Screen into finger touchable. The size is available from 40″-80''. Compared to the infrared interactive Frame, cost is only 1/3. (User need put a glass plate over the LCD screen). 

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 03-8040 1722 or request for quotation today.