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With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly reserve meeting rooms in seconds, ensuring a seamless and efficient booking process. Boost productivity and eliminate scheduling conflicts with ease.

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Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your overall meeting experience.

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Stay updated with automated notifications for booking confirmations, reminders, and changes. Our system ensures that all stakeholders are informed, reducing no-shows and improving overall communication efficiency.

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Seamless Integration
Our meeting room booking system seamlessly integrates with your existing calendar and communication platforms, ensuring a smooth and effortless transition without disrupting your workflow.
Intuitive User Interface
Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to navigate and book meeting rooms. With a clean and intuitive design, users can quickly find available rooms and complete reservations without any hassle.
Customizable Settings
Tailor our system to fit your specific requirements. Enjoy the flexibility to customize booking rules, permissions, and settings to align with your organization's unique needs and preferences.
Mobile-Friendly Access
Access our system on the go with our mobile-friendly interface. Whether you're using a smartphone or tablet, manage and book meeting rooms from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
Real-Time Availability
Gain instant visibility into room availability and eliminate double bookings with our real-time updates. Save time and avoid conflicts by easily identifying and reserving the right room at the right time.
Smart Notifications
Receive automated notifications for bookings, reminders, and updates, ensuring everyone stays informed, reducing no-shows, and enhancing communication efficiency.

Utilize Meeting Room Booking System in Corporate Settings

Experience seamless room reservations, enhanced efficiency, and effective resource management to elevate productivity and streamline operations.

Corporate Offices
Corporate Offices
Enhance corporate meeting room utilization and streamline management for efficient scheduling and productive business meetings, presentations, and team collaborations.
Co-working Spaces
Co-working Spaces
Elevate the utilization of meeting rooms in co-working spaces, empowering members to seamlessly book dedicated private meeting spaces for client meetings, interactive team discussions, and dynamic collaborative projects.
Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions
Streamline room bookings in educational institutions for lectures, seminars, workshops, and educational activities. Allow teachers, students, and staff to reserve classrooms, auditoriums, and study spaces effortlessly.
Healthcare Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
Enhance room bookings in healthcare facilities, enabling healthcare professionals to reserve consultation rooms, conference spaces, or training areas for medical discussions, seminars, and staff meetings.
Event Venues
Event Venues
Streamline meeting room bookings in event venues. Enable organizers and attendees to reserve spaces for conferences, trade shows, workshops, and networking sessions.
Community Centers
Community Centers
Streamline the booking of meeting rooms in community centers and nonprofit organizations. Enable community members to reserve spaces for group meetings, workshops, support groups, and community events.

Discover the Key Features of Our Room Booking Display System

Offering a professional enterprise management tool that simplifies configuration and enhances ease of use.

Seamless Software Integration
Effortlessly connect our system to the world's most widely used calendar systems, eliminating the need to learn new software. Directly communicate with Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 and Google Suite, without requiring additional installations.
Customizable Panel Display
Personalize your display panels to showcase relevant meeting information. With ArviaMeeting, easily customize logos and background images to align with your corporate branding and aesthetics.
Cloud-Based Administration
Streamline display panel management with our cloud configuration solution. Easily adjust settings, logos, and background images across all panels using centralized administration. Simply enter the code and password for synchronization.
Multiroom View
Experience the flexibility of instant bookings, not only for the current room but also for other rooms. Our 2-way booking feature allows you to reserve the current room or any other room directly from the panel.

Trust Our Expertise

Experience the excellence of our expert services as we strive to deliver the highest quality solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Tap into our extensive expertise as our consultants navigate the digital landscape with you, unlocking the full potential of your educational environment.
Quality Assurance
We provide top-notch quality in all aspects, from our dependable meeting room booking system and tested software to our exceptional warranty and post-sales support, showcasing our dedication to customer satisfaction.
Technical Excellence
Our engineers create durable, low-maintenance interactive computer kiosks, prioritizing backward compatibility, environmental considerations, and security. These long-lasting solutions are easy to install and cater to your business needs.
Access timely assistance from our knowledgeable team via our helpdesk, ensuring swift resolution of any hybrid classroom-related issues.
Staff Training
Empower your staff with comprehensive training led by certified trainers to effectively utilize the meeting room booking system and enhance organizational efficiency.

Frequently Ask Question

Meeting room booking systems provide convenient online tools to schedule rooms or resources within an office or shared workspace.

Start by gathering data about your current processes and needs. Once you understand your requirements, build a system that suits your specific needs. Choose from various options available for building a room booking system.

Managing a meeting room can be made easier with these tips: ensure the space is organized and ready for use, set up furniture and accessories accordingly, and provide clear instructions on how to access the room and meeting start time.

Meeting rooms are typically smaller with fewer amenities, while conference rooms can be larger and have more features, such as videoconferencing equipment. Both can be great places to hold meetings, but it’s important to consider what will be most useful for your specific needs.

Essentials for a Meeting Room to make a good impression, include these five items in your meeting room setup: a table, chairs, an interactive smartboard, a projector and screen, and noise-cancelling headphones or a microphone.

A smart meeting room is designed to enhance meeting efficiency using technology like streaming video systems, interactive smartboards, and audio conferencing. Comfortable seating, movable tables, and noise-cancelling technology may also be incorporated.

Characteristics of a Great Meeting Room A great meeting room promotes productivity with ample lighting, comfortable seating, and technology such as smartboards or wireless conference microphones to facilitate communication

Enhance the inviting atmosphere of meeting rooms by incorporating technology like smartboards or wireless conference microphones. These features create an interactive and engaging environment for guests, improving communication and engagement.

The meeting room booking system is a digital platform that allows users to view the availability of meeting rooms, reserve them, and manage bookings. It typically involves a user-friendly interface that displays real-time room availability, and users can book rooms with a few clicks.

A meeting room booking system typically includes features like real-time room availability, automated notifications, integration with calendars, reporting tools, and user authentication.

If a meeting extends beyond its scheduled duration, the meeting room booking system can be set to handle this in various ways. It will change color green, yellow or red

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