Since 2010

Smartboard ChromeOS

Interactive Smartboard TV Panel powered by ChromeOS, first of its kind in the world. Capacitive or infrared touchscreens panel sizes of 55", 65", 75", 86" & 98" allow for multi-drawing capabilities, enabling up to 20 touch points. Apps like Google Meet, Google Drive and Jamboard in Smartboard ChromeOS allows easy collaboration and interactivity for any purpose such in smart classroom and corporate meeting.

smartboard chromeos

Future of smartboard is here

Smartboard ChromeOS that is fully compatible with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade for deployment and management of devices.This fastly-emerging operating system is all about simplicity; works fast and boots up in mere seconds. The smartboard ChromeOS, being the first in the world and assembled in Malaysia, aspires to become a standard to be followed in local and worldwide education institutions.

Collaborate Effectively
Collaborate Effectively
Work and conduct activities together in groups by using students Chromebook and sync in real time with the smartboard