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Smartboard ChromeOS

Interactive Smartboard TV Panel powered by ChromeOS, first of its kind in the world. Capacitive or infrared touchscreens panel sizes of 55", 65", 75", 86" & 98" allow for multi-drawing capabilities, enabling up to 32 touch points. Apps like Google Meet, Google Drive and Jamboard in Smartboard ChromeOS allows easy collaboration and interactivity for any purpose such in smart classroom and corporate meeting.

smartboard chromeos

Future of smartboard is here

We've developed the world's first smartboard with ChromeOS. This fastly-emerging operating system is all about simplicity; works fast and boots up in mere seconds. Because of its simplicity, ChromeOS is much more secure than other operating system. The smartboard ChromeOS, being the first in the world and assembled in Malaysia, aspires to become a standard to be followed in local and worldwide education institutions.

Our all-in-one, Smartboard ChromeOS is a large LCD interactive flat panel is powered by Chrome operating system. In addition, Smartboard ChromeOS provides integrated smartboard software such as Jamboard, MyViewBoard, EZWrite, or MagicIWB. Smartboard software offers efficient and collaborative meetings, presentation, or discussion via touch such as handwriting recognition, opens a wide range of files, and save meeting results. Progress can be saved in .pdf or .png format and shared via email or tap-and-write annotation and simple color switching and many more features. Request a quotation or visit our shop, Arviashop.

New Way To Engage And Interact

Our smartboard solution creates an interactive environment for a fluid exchange of ideas with many great features. Starts your exploration today.

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