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Automatic Infrared Body Temperature Scanner

Temperature scanner for fever detection – To fight against COVID19, we offer a few ranges of temperature scanner solutions at very affordable yet reliable and feature-rich products to allow companies in Malaysia and around the world to start opening their premises for business operation again. There are several solutions available depending on the operation mode, the flow of people, future plan, accuracy, and budgetary.
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Fever Screening System

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Temperature scanner to detect fever
With Infrared technology, through the combination of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal images, the body surface temperature can be detected. Someone with fever can be quickly and safely screened and isolated to prevent the fever from flowing. This equipment if installed and configured correctly is very accurate for rapid temperature detection and temperature scanner.

Why Infrared Technology is Suitable as Temperature Scanner?
Fever is an important symptom for COVID19 infection is increased body temperature. A fever screening thermograph should be an element of the layered screening process for those diseases specifically associated with elevated fever. According to IEC 80601-2-59 standard, screening thermography devices should have basic safety and essential performance to be an effective non-contact, accurate, and repeatable means of quickly screening individuals for fever. There is also an ISO standard namely ISO/TR 13154:2017 specifying the deployment, implementation and operational guidelines to minimize the spread of infectious diseases.

Due to the infectious nature of COVID19, you should NOT be in direct contact with anybody even during testing. Otherwise, proper self-protection and disinfection of testing devices need to be done on every test.

Fever detection system requires high accuracy 0.5C or better in order to achieve an accurate result every time. Equipment accuracy above 0.5 is not effective for fever detection because it will lead to many false positive and false negative. .

Mass screening
In an area where the flow of people is heavy, manual checking with a hand-held IR thermometer is not practical and time-consuming. The latest technology allows multiple screening to be done for up to 20 people in one time and capture their picture automatically when fever is detected..

Quick Reading
Current technology allows the reading to be done within a second. With the multi-screening system, the temperature is displayed on everyone faces being detected.