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LED Display Solution for Control Room | Unilumin Malaysia

At now the top of the pyramid of the LED display market, the control room market requires much more than ordinary products. It has strict requirements for the overall application. The small spacing LED display has been widely praised and favored for its seamless splicing, excellent image quality, flexible operation and rich information. It is fair to say that the small spacing LED display for control room greatly meets the using requirements of command and dispatch centers. Why do command and control centers prefer small spacing LED displays?
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Small spacing LED displays have multiple advantages that perfectly match the requirements of command and dispatch centers. As we all know, command and dispatch centers need to display rich and complex signals and receive more digital signals than video signals, which put forward stringent requirements on LED products and technologies such as high-resolution display, high grayscale reproduction display in low brightness, high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity, low noise and heat dissipation. Moreover, it even requires a better lasting comfortable viewing experience.

Small spacing LED displays have many obvious advantages when being applied in command and dispatch centers. Firstly, equipment used in command and dispatch centers is characterized by round-the-clock and uninterrupted operation, strong information collection, quick response, overall coordination and comprehensive dispatch capability while coping with huge data volume.

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