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Panasonic 47inch Super Narrow Bezel Videowall

This model suppresses ambient light reflection and reduces glare to make text and information easy to see. Brightness density 500cd/m2. 4.9mm bezel-to-bezel. Video Wall could be an answer to your need. A #videowall consist several number of display screens, panel or ultra narrow bezel TV put together side by side and ontop of each other to become a much larger screen.
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While normal LED screen can be used, usually you would want to use a specialised screen with a Ultra Narrow bezel-to-bezel (screen border). The narrower the bezel, the more expensive the LED TV. Since the the videowall will be operating in a long duration, a more durable commercial display is preffered to avoid any downtime. Video wall configuration must be supported by the hardware screen display or/and by dedicated video wall software.