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Synology NAS Remote Access Using QuickConnect, EZ Internet or Port Forwarding

This video will show you how to Remote Access a Synology NAS Using QuickConnect, EZ-Internet or Port Forwarding. I’ll be using the Synology DS716+ II and the RT2600ac Router to demonstrate which you can find here on Amazon http://amzn.to/2xndcYS

Sometimes you need to access your data on a Synology Setup so this tutorial will teach you how to connect to your Synology NAS with remote access. The DiskStation Management (DSM) software will help you do this one of three ways. Using QuickConnect, EZ-Internet or Manual Port Forwarding.

Synology Remote Access is setup the easy way by using QuickConnect. This is a really simple Wizard that will guide you through getting everything on your Synololgy NAS setup.

Synology Internet Access setup via EZ-Internet is the second method for remote access with a Synology NAS. This method is once again a wizard but does require a compatible router.

Synology port forwarding is the last method of this tutorial showing you how to manually setup port forwarding with a router. This does vary between manufacturers so if you are looking for the highest compatibility, then I highly recommend the Synology RT2600ac Router. http://amzn.to/2whPZlS

Full Disclosure: The DS716+ II and the RT2600ac units were provided by Synology in order to create this tutorial. No money has changed hands however.

NAS Hard Drives
Seagate IronWolf PRO NAS Hard Drives
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Western Digital WD Red NAS Hard Drives
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Synology Plus Series NAS for Small to Medium Business
2 Bay Nas DS718+
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12 Bay NAS DS2419+
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Synology FS/XS(+) Series NAS for Large Scale Business
6 Bay NAS DS3018XS
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12 Bay NAS DS3617XS
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12 Bay NAS FS1018
Amazon ► https://geni.us/oU38aQ3

Synology RS/RP(+)/XS Rackmountable NAS for Corporate Business
RackStation RP NAS
Amazon ► https://geni.us/14gJcDC
RackStation XS NAS
Amazon ► https://geni.us/jjNgyxn

Synology Networking Equipment
RT2600AC Router
Amazon ► https://geni.us/99gbZt
MR2200AC Mesh Router
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