We are ISO 9001 & MS 1900 Certified

Temperature Scanner for Fever Screening & Detection

In response to the alarming Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, we have launched a non-contact thermal imaging intelligent temperature measurement system solution.

Fever Screening System

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We offer a few ranges of solutions depending on the operation mode, the flow of people, accuracy and budgetary.

1. Infrared Temperature
Medical-grade IR Thermometer Scanner for a quick and simple human forehead and surface temperature measurement with a certificate from CE, ISO, ROHS, FDA, and accuracy of ±0.3C.

2. Face Recognition Thermal Camera
7” face recognition terminal & built-in thermal camera with attendance system integration. Super precise and fast fever screening with face recognition, visitor management and contact tracing with temperature measurement distance from 0.4m ~ 1.5m with accuracy ±0.3°C

3. Economical Thermal Scanner
Mountable on a tripod and produce alarms when fever is detected. Only available for single person detection at one time and no face detection feature. It can be connected to a TV for a larger display with accuracy ±0.5°C

4. Mass Infrared Fever Scanner
Multiple people fever screening up to 20 people simultaneously from 2-6 meter away, even among those wearing face masks without affecting people movement flow speed accuracy of less than ±0.3°C