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Video Wall At Mercu Alam Bina, University Malaya [ Implementation ]

Israk Technology is proud to have won the project to supply, setup and commission a #videowall for Faculty of Built Environment (Fakulti Alam Bina), University Malaya. The project was succesfully completed within 2 weeks and ready for the the new building launching by DYMM Raja Nazrin.

The Video wall technology being implemented is 5 x 1 (vertical setup) NEC Professional display with an individual control for each display. With this total control, admin can either stretch the whole screen with a single output/content or use a single or combination of display for different content. A server is setup at UM Data Center on a standard entry-level server specification, where a Content Management system was installed. Using easy to use Web-based tool, administrator can design, schedule and manage the Video Wall display. For the purpose of the building launching, we utilized the “Emergency Cast”, where different layout/content is being display only when being push or manually instructed to suit the actual event’s activity flow.

NEC’s portfolio of high-quality commercial- and professional-grade digital video wall solutions are ideal for dynamic digital signage, information display and command & control applications. NEC’s exclusive TileMatrix™ and TileComp™ technologies, combined with LED backlighting, high definition resolution and the ultra-narrow bezels, allow for simple installation and bright, colorful content.

For More information, please checkout https://www.israk.my/videowall