Viewsonic ViewBoard Mini IFP2410

• 24” display
• Resolution 1920 x 1080
• Equipped With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RJ45
• myViewBoard Digital Whiteboarding Solution
• 10-Point Multi-Touch


ViewBoard® Mini 24'' Interactive Display

  • Interactive front-facing teaching and collaboration
  • Built-in myViewBoard® digital whiteboarding software
  • Built-in ViewBoard® Cast streaming software


The ViewBoard® Mini IFP2410 is a 24″ interactive display that transforms podiums and lecterns into collaboration hubs for front-facing teaching. With integrated myViewBoard® digital whiteboarding software, ViewBoard® Cast streaming software, and a 10-point touchscreen, the ViewBoard® Mini makes content creation and sharing easier than ever before. Educators can manipulate and control content, files, images, and annotations on the ViewBoard® Mini touchscreen, then share that content on a larger front-of-classroom display or projector. For dynamic lessons and interactive collaboration, multiple presenters can simultaneously draw, write, and annotate on the ViewBoard® Mini as well – making it an ideal collaboration hub for classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums.

Key Features

Interactive front-facing teaching and collaboration

The ViewBoard® Mini touchscreen provides a front-facing interactive display solution, allowing educators to face the audience while annotating on slides – all done without turning your back on the audience. Not only that, but it also allows the presenter to be in full control of the presentation, creates interaction, and eye contact with the audience for total engagement.

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Built-in myViewBoard® digital whiteboarding software

myViewBoard® digital whiteboarding software combines enterprise-level security with cloud-based portability and annotation tools to enhance the way you connect and collaborate. Convenient features include multimedia support, screen recording, easy conversion of common office files, QR code sharing, and much more.

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