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Interactive Smartboard for STTP Selangor 2023 Complete Solutions

Client : STTP selangor | Project Date : 04-May-2023

Arvia Smartboard for Education . The uses of smartboard as initiative supported by the Ministry of Education (KPM) in Malaysia. This ambitious project aimed to revolutionize the educational landscape by integrating Smartboard technology into classrooms across Selangor. As a dedicated member of the project team, I played a pivotal role in the successful implementation and deployment of the Smartboard system.

Our responsibilities encompassed a wide range of tasks, including software development, user interface design, and training educators on effectively utilizing the Smartboard’s capabilities. Through collaborative efforts with the KPM team, we ensured a seamless integration of the Smartboard technology with existing educational practices and infrastructure. This involved extensive customization and adaptation of the software and user interface to meet the specific needs of Selangor’s classrooms.

One of the primary objectives of the SSTP Selangor project was to empower teachers to deliver interactive and engaging lessons that fostered active student participation. To achieve this, we actively collaborated with educators, conducting training sessions to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the Smartboard effectively. By demonstrating various features and functionalities, I facilitated the exploration of innovative teaching methodologies and interactive learning experiences.

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About Our Solution

The Arvia Interactive Smartboard is a revolutionary interactive display solution that transforms the way people present and collaborate in various settings. Available in several sizes, including 65, 75, 86, and 98 inches, it’s an ideal solution for any environment. The Smartboard is equipped with advanced touch zero bonding technology, 4K resolution display, anti-glare coating, and an integrated sound system that ensures a seamless and intuitive experience. One of the key features of the Smartboard is its built-in wireless presentation system, which allows up to 9 devices to connect simultaneously, making it easier for users to share content and collaborate seamlessly. In addition to its built-in features, the Arvia Interactive Smartboard is also compatible with a range of third-party applications, including Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and more. It’s a sustainable solution built using high-quality materials that are designed to last, providing long-term value. Whether you’re a teacher, business professional, or anyone who needs to present and collaborate effectively, the Arvia Interactive Smartboard is a game-changing solution that’s sure to meet your needs. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your objectives and goals, enabling us to design and implement Arvia Interactive Smartboard solutions that effectively support your needs

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