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Smartboard : Revolutionize Your Presentations

Elevate communication and engagement with our state-of-the-art Interactive Smartboard for Classroom or Meeting room. Revolutionize the way you connect and engage with your audience.

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Introducing Our Featured Products

Various designs & specifications that tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

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Arvia Interactive Smartboard - Windows – ARV100
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Arvia Interactive Smartboard Android – ARV200
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Arvia Interactive Smartboard Windows Capacitive – ARV300
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Arvia All in one Interactive Smartboard – ARV400
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Arvia Interactive Smartboard Chrome OS – ARV500

Discover the Difference: Why We Stand Out

Unveiling the top reasons for choosing us over others, from our demonstrated expertise to the trust we've garnered in our industry. Discover why you need us today!

Exclusive Operating System
Our offerings encompass the cutting-edge technology of Single Windows 11 Pro, Chrome OS, and Android 13, providing users with a versatile and seamless experience
Device Management
Our smartboards come with robust device management capabilities, allowing administrators to efficiently monitor, control, and manage multiple smartboard from a centralized platform, ensuring smooth operation and ease of maintenance.
Advanced Touch Solutions
Our smartboards incorporate PCAP or IR zero bonding technology, ensuring a precise and responsive touch experience, making interactions smooth and effortless.
Continous training
Enroll in our "Arvia Certified Educator" managed by smartboard professional from Google,Microsoft and Apple certified. This program equipped educators with essential skills to maximize the potential of smartboards in teaching practices.
Built-in Interactive Software
Experience enhanced functionality with our smartboards featuring the built-in ArviaBoard application, offering a wide range of additional features to elevate your user experience.
Proven Track Record
With extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, we have successfully completed over 1000 smartboard sold nationwide. Our consistent delivery of high-quality solutions has established us as a trusted and reliable industry partner.

Trusted and Reliable

A decade of excellence since 2010 in Malaysia stands testament to our success. Infused with unparalleled quality, our products, coupled with our extensive industry wisdom and budget-friendly solutions, are designed to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our measure of success.

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Discover Arvia Certified Educator Program

The Arvia Certified Educator program empowers teachers with digital citizenship and social media safety knowledge. Offering three certification levels, it enhances smartboard skills and promotes responsible online behavior for students.

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Discover Our Interactive Smartboard Key Features

At Arvia, we are committed to providing the highest quality interactive Smartboards. Our products are packed with advanced features that enhance collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Here's what you can expect from our Smartboards:

Multiple Screen Sizes Available - 65

Multiple Screen Sizes Available - 65", 75", 86" & 98"

Choose the size that best suits your needs. Arvia Smartboards are available in a range of sizes, including 65", 75", 86", and 98". Whether you require a compact Smartboard for a small classroom or a larger one for a corporate boardroom, we have you covered.

20 Multi-Touch Points by Using Hand or Touch Pen

20 Multi-Touch Points by Using Hand or Touch Pen

Our Smartboards support up to 20 simultaneous touch points, enabling multiple users to interact with the screen simultaneously. Whether you're using your hand or a touch pen, you'll experience smooth and accurate touch response, fostering collaborative and engaging experiences.

Collaborative Screen Sharing up to 9 Screens Simultaneously

Collaborative Screen Sharing up to 9 Screens Simultaneously

With our Smartboards, you can easily share content and collaborate with others. The screen sharing feature allows you to connect up to 9 screens simultaneously, fostering teamwork, brainstorming sessions, and interactive presentations and video conference.

Smartboards are versatile tools suitable for various educational and corporate settings

Smartboards engage young children with interactive games, videos, and activities, making learning enjoyable and immersive.
Primary/Secondary School
Smartboards facilitate interactive lessons, displaying educational content and encourage student participation and collaboration.
Higher Education
Smartboards aid professors in delivering lectures, visualizing complex concepts, and fostering student engagement through interactive learning.
Tuition/Training Center
Smartboards enhance tutoring and training sessions by displaying teaching materials, demonstrating problem-solving techniques, and promoting interactive learning activities.
Corporate Offices
Smartboards are valuable in meetings, presentations, and training sessions, enabling dynamic presentations, collaboration, and effective information sharing.
Smartboards are exceptionally valuable in the boardroom, serving as powerful tools for activities like presentations, brainstorming, strategic planning, interactivity, and engagement.

Expanding the Usage of Smartboard

Maximizing Potential through Smartboard Technology for Education and Professional Workspace.

Smart Interactive Panel
Also known as a smart board or interactive flat panel, revolutionizes classroom technology by combining a high-resolution panel with interactive capabilities.
Visual Excellence
With its 4K Ultra HD panel, the smart interactive panel guarantees vivid visuals, lifelike image quality, immersive learning experience, and enhanced engagement, fostering student participation and knowledge retention.
Interactive Learning
Enables immersive interactive learning experiences, allowing students to actively engage with the content using touch, stylus, keyboard, collaboration, multimedia, and advanced technology.
Favorite Tools and Features
Educators can customize the smart interactive panel with their favorite teaching tools, features, and applications to enhance their teaching methods and cater to their specific preferences.
Meeting Room Usage
Smartboards are widely used in meeting rooms for collaborative discussions, presentations, video conferences, and interactive workshops, fostering seamless communication and creativity.
Live Video and Zoom Capabilities
Supports live video streaming and can be used for virtual meetings or classes through platforms like Zoom, enabling remote collaboration and distance learning.

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New Era of Engagement and Interaction Experience

The Arvia Interactive Smartboard revolutionizes Malaysian classrooms, creating immersive learning environments for student success. It embraces technology and innovation, enhancing education with interactive tools and fostering engagement and achievement.

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Corporate Collaboration: Effective Meeting

Elevate corporate meetings with our interactive smartboard designed for modern offices. Experience best-in-class tools, presentation features, and seamless collaboration without external PCs. Engage multiple participants with up to 20-point simultaneous multi-touch capability.

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Interactive Learning for 21st Century Education

Transform education with our interactive learning solution for the 21st century. Engage students, foster collaboration, and spark creativity with dynamic activities and touch-enhanced learning. Israk offers comprehensive solutions for Virtual or Hybrid Classrooms, empowering impactful learning outcomes.

Trust Our Expertise

Elevate your project with our affordable, reliable solutions.

Tap into the expertise of our Smartboard consultants who will guide you through the digital landscape and help you unlock the full potential of your brand's communication.
Access prompt assistance from our knowledgeable team through our helpdesk, ensuring swift resolution of any Smartboard-related issues.
Leave the installation process to our skilled technicians and project managers. We ensure a smooth and flawless deployment of Smartboard solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.
Staff Training
Our certified trainers provide comprehensive training sessions on Smartboard solutions, enabling your staff to confidently utilize the system and drive impactful results.

Experiences Shared by Our Clients

Gain insights into their experiences and the positive impact on our product and service.

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Frequently Ask Question

An interactive smart board is a technologically advanced display that allows users to interact with the content using touch or pen input. It combines the features of a traditional whiteboard with digital capabilities, enabling users to write, draw, and manipulate content on the board.
Interactive smart boards have numerous applications across various industries. In educational settings, they facilitate interactive learning, engage students, and promote collaboration. In corporate environments, they enhance presentations, brainstorming sessions, and team collaboration. They can also be used in government institutions for effective data visualization and decision-making.
A whiteboard serves as a traditional non-digital writing surface, while an interactive board, like our Smartboard, combines the features of a whiteboard with advanced digital capabilities. This interactive component enables users to engage with the content, digitally save and share it, and access diverse software applications.
Interactive boards enhance classroom engagement by providing interactive learning experiences. Teachers can use them to deliver multimedia-rich lessons, write and draw on the board, and incorporate interactive activities. Students can actively participate, collaborate, and interact with the content, fostering a more immersive and effective learning environment.
Smart boards play a crucial role in student engagement and learning. They enable interactive and visual learning experiences, cater to different learning styles, promote collaboration, and make complex concepts more accessible and engaging. Smart boards help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy skills.
Integrating interactive displays, such as whiteboards, in the classroom offers multiple benefits. It amplifies student engagement, motivation, and participation while elevating critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Additionally, interactive learning fosters collaboration and communication among students, nurturing a sense of community and teamwork.
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