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Interactive Smartboard for Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa 2021 – Complete Solution

About The Project

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Interactive Smartboard Solution

The next generation of Interactive Smartboard or E-board style designed with a pre-assembled touch overlay. This is an all-in-one, PC-less large LCD panel display solution with an embedded smartboard software provided by the manufacturer which can offer more intuitive, effortless and smart corporate or teaching presentation.

Project Background: Supply of Arvia Interactive Smartboard 65 inch with Portable stand. Item Supplied are Arvia Interactive Smartboard 65inch ARV100-65, stand TS181-BLK, Elgato Stream Deck Elgato 15, and Arvia 4K Webcam with Built in Mic.

Client: Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa

Institute of Teacher Education International Language Campus or in English Institute of Teacher Education, International Languages ​​Campus is one of the institutes of higher learning under the Ministry of Education Malaysia that conducts certificate, diploma and degree level teaching courses. The Institute of Teacher Education is specially established for prospective teachers who will teach English or TESL subjects. The institute also offers other courses such as French, German, Japanese, Social Studies, Malay, Islamic Education, Mathematics, and Visual Arts Education in addition to other short courses.

Project Date: November 2021

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