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Tracking Digital Billboard Malaysia Growth

Tracking Digital Billboard Malaysia Growth

digital billboard malaysia

If the business is able to take use of the media’s location, advertising on billboards or near road signs is a successful kind of marketing. In general, billboard advertisements are quite effective if placed where they may receive a large number of impressions.

Additionally, since advertisements are typically positioned around traffic signals, viewers are forced to look for them when seeking instructions. Because of this, billboards are a great resource for businesses who wish to advertise their goods. In Malaysia, the price of digital billboard In most cases, the intended audience for billboard advertisements is wide-ranging. Since billboards are by nature very large boards, printing costs would be significant.

Our business partners can hire a range of billboard spots from Israk.my Our team of industry professionals will advise you on the ideal location for digital billboard malaysia that fits your company’s budget if you are interested in advertising on billboards. Effects of outdoor advertising. Because impressions only endure for a few seconds but have a significant influence on viewers, billboards make excellent branding advertising options. Most spectators only get a brief glimpse of the billboard, with the exception of those placed at intersections and crossroads. In order to try and make a lasting impact on the audience, the advertisers are advised to impose a strong message on the billboard.

With regard to the design and manufacturing of your advertisement, we can manage everything for you. You will receive appropriate advise on eligibility, availability, and cost from Israk.my.

Although the country has not yet reached the level of extreme traffic congestion found in Bangkok and Jakarta, Malaysia has one of the highest rates of road users in the world today. This is primarily due to the reasonably priced cars sold in the nation.

Along with that, it is also a result of the Malaysian government’s ongoing attempts to expand roads and highways to handle the growing population while also opening up new neighbourhoods and townships in the larger Kuala Lumpur regions.

The ideal setting for billboards

Since there will be more places for billboards as a direct result of more roadways, this presents an alluring prospect for advertising. Due of the numerous advertising chances they provide, billboard advertising is quite popular in Malaysia.In Malaysia, billboards are most frequently seen on highways and roads, while there are also numerous that are mounted on top of buildings and wraparounds on furniture and pillars in public areas. Among the qualities that contribute to the effectiveness of billboard advertising are:


Highway sites are the most important aspect of billboard advertising. Although creativity is crucial, if the location is inappropriate, the advertisement is useless.

Therefore, choosing the ideal site is the most crucial step you must take initially if your company intends to employ billboards for advertising. Finding the ideal site is more difficult stated than done because the best places are always gone and you will be on the waiting list if you really want that space.

Time and money

Today’s billboard advertising is much less expensive than it was in the 1980s. This is a result of the fierce market competition, the availability of more and more billboards, and the loosening of laws by the authorities.

You will need to carefully arrange your advertising timeline and budget. You already know that billboard advertising is relatively static because you are constrained by the space available for your display. So that your advertisement gets seen by as many people as possible during the time it is displayed, you will want to maximise the use of your advertising budget.


As was already established, location is crucial in billboard advertising. This means that you will require the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities in order to get your advertisement implemented.

The local councils’ consent is the first and most crucial approval. You may need to obtain permission from the relevant councils depending on where your advertisement will be placed. Usually, you may accomplish this through your agency. The content of your advertisement will then need to be approved, which may also be done through the agency.

increasing demand for billboards

Traditional media advertising is now more difficult than ever because digital marketing and platforms are growing in popularity. However, billboards are still as effective as ever. Particularly Malaysia has been expanding in this field for some time.

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