LED Display – USLIM II Series

LED Screen

Impressive Viewing Experience
Intelligent Operation & Maintenance Control
Various Creative Shapes
User-friendly Design



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Ease of creation with standard product —Visualization Reinvented in commercial spaces

Key Features

Application scenario

led display uslim II Series Showroom


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Shopping Mall

led display uslim II Series Retail


led display uslim II Series airport


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Double Brightness & Double Contrast Effect

The LED Display UOS system supports doubling the peak brightness and doubling the contrast through intelligent recognition of the screen without changing the electric current of the entire screen. The contrast between the brightness and darkness of the screen is more prominent and the colors are more vivid.

Ultra High Definition Display

The UOS system not only supports HDR effects, but also has the function of transforming ordinary SDR video sources into HDR display effects which greatly saving costs for the display.

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Ucare System-Intelligent Operation & Maintenance Control

The system takes the full-color LED display as the “core” and uses Internet technology to conduct daily detections on LED screens, thereby realizing the daily operation and maintenance management of LED screen. It can not only help users to improve their work efficiency, but also fully enhance the experience of using LED screens.

Various Creative Shapes

Unlock Possibilities—Same Module for UslimII & UHF
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Various Creative Shapes

Unlock Possibilities—Same Module for UslimII & UHF
led display uslim II Series 03

Dual Maintenance Methods

Front Maintenance: Modules, receiving cards, and cables can be maintained from the front, greatly reducing labor and steel structaure costs.

Rear Maintenance: After opening the back cover, UslimII’s modules, receiving cards and cables can be maintained from the rear.

Ultra Slim & Light Design

No need to add additional load-bearing structure, which can effectively reduce installation costs.
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Standardized Cabinet

The 500mm * 250mm cabinet is integrated horizontally and vertically to supplement the height and width of the 250mm size.

Standardized Cabinet

Three standard sizes of die-cast aluminum cabinets can be delivered quickly through standardized & modularized main materials and accessories.
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Pixel Pitch 2.54mm

LED Type 3-in-1 SMD

LED Configuration 1Red, 1Green, 1Blue

Brightness 800cd/m²

Pixels Per Panel 240×135 Dots

Pixel Density 155,000 pixels/m²

Recommended Viewing Distance ≥2.5 m

Video Frame Rate 50/60 Hz

Rate Refresh 1920 Hz

Input Voltage 100~240VAC

Input Power Frequency 50~60 Hz

Curve Inner 0°~+7°

Gap Between Modules Seamless

Horizontal Viewing Angle 140°

Vertical Viewing Angle 140°

Color Temperature 2000-9500K Adjustable

Colors 4.4 Trillion

Brightness Control Manual/Automatic

LED Life Time ≥50,000 Hours

LED Wavelength R:620~630nm G:520~535nm B:465~475nm

Ingress Protection IP60

Maintenance Front service of module, system card, power supply

Driving Method Constant Current Drive

Calibration Support brightness and chroma

Acoustic Noise Fanless operation

Standard Mounting Configuration Fixed

Optional Mounting Configuration Wall-mounting , Concave(recommend rear installation)

Professional Services Design, configuration, install and service available

Power Status Diagnostic LEDs

Video Signal Redundancy Optional

Video Extension Redundancy Optional

Data Interconnection Network Cable ( L≤100m ); multi-mode fiber ( L≤300m ); single mode fiber ( L≤15km )



Input Signal DVI/HDMI/VGA/SDI/DP/AV/S-Video, etc



Environment Indoor

Operating Temperature/Humidity -10℃~+45℃/10~80%RH

Storage Temperature/Humidity -20℃~+55℃/10~85%RH



Input Power  120W/panel

Input Power  40W/panel

Weight 7 kg/panel

Module Size W152.48mm×H343.08mm Cabinet Size W609.92mm×H343.08mm×D68mm

Cabinet Diagonal 27.5’’(699.79mm)

Aspect Ratio 16:9

Area 0.209 m²

Planeness ≤0.15mm

Material Die-casting Aluminum