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Interactive Smartboard for Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia 2023 Complete Solutions

Client : Jabatan Perdana Menteri | Project Date : 25-Jul-2023

Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia, a leading organization in the agricultural sector, is taking a giant leap into the future of collaboration and digital productivity. In their quest to revolutionize their meeting spaces and streamline communication, they have recently invested in the cutting-edge ARV100-86″ Smartboard with Windows 11 Pro. This state-of-the-art smartboard comes with an in-built operating system, eliminating the need for external devices like laptops or PCs for video conferencing and other collaborative activities. This move demonstrates Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia’s commitment to embracing innovation and technology in their pursuit of enhanced efficiency and seamless communication.


With the ARV100-86″ Smartboard’s integration of Windows 11 Pro, Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia‘s meeting rooms are now equipped with an all-in-one solution for conducting video conference meetings and more. The expansive 86-inch touch-enabled screen allows for dynamic and interactive presentations, fostering engaging discussions among participants. The in-built Windows 11 Pro operating system ensures compatibility with various applications, making it effortless for employees to access and share files directly from the smartboard. This feature-rich smartboard empowers users to collaborate, brainstorm, and communicate seamlessly without the hassle of external devices, streamlining workflows and saving valuable time.


In addition to the ARV100-86″ Smartboard, Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia has also acquired the Arvia Flip Touch, a cutting-edge touchscreen device that comes in a convenient size of 32 inches. This versatile tool is powered by the latest Android 12 operating system, enhancing its functionality and ensuring optimal performance. By purchasing not just one but two units of the Arvia Flip Touch, the organization displays its commitment to fostering a productive and efficient work environment. With its interactive touch interface, the Arvia Flip Touch promotes seamless collaboration during meetings, presentations, and training sessions. Its compact design makes it easily portable, allowing users to carry it effortlessly between different locations within the organization.


By embracing the ARV100-86″ Smartboard with Windows 11 Pro and adopting the Arvia Flip Touch, Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia showcases its dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology for enhanced collaboration and productivity. These innovative tools empower their team members to conduct video conference meetings and collaborate seamlessly without the need for external devices. With these new additions to their meeting spaces, Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia is well-positioned to lead the way in adopting modern technologies to achieve their mission and objectives in the agricultural sector.

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About Our Solution

The Arvia Interactive Smartboard is a revolutionary interactive display solution that transforms the way people present and collaborate in various settings. Available in several sizes, including 65, 75, 86, and 98 inches, it’s an ideal solution for any environment. The Smartboard is equipped with advanced touch zero bonding technology, 4K resolution display, anti-glare coating, and an integrated sound system that ensures a seamless and intuitive experience. One of the key features of the Smartboard is its built-in wireless presentation system, which allows up to 9 devices to connect simultaneously, making it easier for users to share content and collaborate seamlessly. In addition to its built-in features, the Arvia Interactive Smartboard is also compatible with a range of third-party applications, including Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and more. It’s a sustainable solution built using high-quality materials that are designed to last, providing long-term value. Whether you’re a teacher, business professional, or anyone who needs to present and collaborate effectively, the Arvia Interactive Smartboard is a game-changing solution that’s sure to meet your needs. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your objectives and goals, enabling us to design and implement Arvia Interactive Smartboard solutions that effectively support your needs


The Arvia Fliptouch is an innovative Android-based touchscreen that is designed to provide a portable and versatile solution for users on the go. With its unique flip design, users can rotate the screen to their preferred orientation, making it perfect for presentations, meetings, or entertainment. The Fliptouch is also equipped with a built-in battery, which means that users can take it anywhere, without the need for any external power source.   One of the key features of the Arvia Fliptouch is its built-in camera, which enables users to live stream and record their presentations, meetings, or events. The camera is high-resolution and can capture crystal-clear images and videos, which makes it perfect for video conferencing and remote collaboration. Additionally, the Fliptouch is equipped with a range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HDMI, which makes it easy to connect to other devices and share content.   The Arvia Fliptouch is also highly versatile and customizable. It is based on the Android operating system, which means that users can download any app from the Google Playstore and customize the device to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s productivity apps, entertainment apps, or educational apps, the Fliptouch can support them all.