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What’s the future trends of digital signage 2018?

While Digital signage is well accepted in 2017, things get better in 2018. Here are the trend :

1. Professional Displays become cheaper.

It’s more affordable for companies to purchase professioanal displays as compared to several years ago.

2. Professional Displays becomes better and technologically advanced.

Full High Defination Display is common, slimmer and improved color than ever before.

3. Builtin Signage Media Player.

Most of manufacturers deploy embedded CPU on their displays with WebOS, Tizen or Android TV operating system.

4. Content gets more Interactive.

Personalization and interactivity in Digital Signage will continue to increase popularity in the future.

5. More intelligent Signages.

With big data analysis, suggestions can be made as to what content should be displayed where, and when.

6. Physical and digital blur

More integration of digital signage technologies into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

7. Cloud-based services increasing

digital signage trend2

Many providers offer subscription based fee for Software as a service model rather than one-time purchases.

Finally, digital signage will get better, faster and exciting. Things are getting more integrated, more comprehensive, smarter, and better looking.

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