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Benefit of IP Based KVM Solution

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  • Cabling by CAT only, POE powered, Plug & Play

  • 1080p+UDP+USB+RS232/RS485/IR over CAT6e, up to 90m

  • Every transceiver node is a part of wall controller, KVM matrix switcher, HDMI extender and KVM server

  • Every transceiver node can decode UDP into RS232/RS485/IR, and control 3rd party devices

  • All input channels have Real time preview on control tablet

  • Build-in volume controller at every transceiver node

  • Unlimited Out-of-Band Management

  • Seamless pull/push by hot key and drag/drop

  • Based on H.264/265,  born to work well with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and IP CCTV system

Our Video Wall Solution Benefits :

  • Acquire visual intelligence: With our solution, you establish a Common Operating Picture (COP) to enhance situational awareness of an incident by seeing many sources of information, including live videos and real-time data, at once.
  • Make informed decisions: Because we offer super high resolution and powerful design control you can quickly see the big picture in detail to make the best decisions.
  • Enhance group collaboration: Make it possible for large groups of people to see the same information from several sources at once (on the video wall or at the desktop), eliminating communication silos.
  • Keep executives informed: Share visual intelligence with executives and others by sending key information to executive briefing rooms and offices.
  • Receive important alerts: Use Hiperwall software to display alerts from your existing systems. The Hiperwall content will automatically change to show visuals and data about security breaches, equipment failures, commodity price changes or other important incidents or information.