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Differences between Consumer TV And Professional TV


TV display is the exposure of the usual image or video you see but have you heard Professional TV? What is the difference between Consumer TV and Professional TV? This is the problem that the admin always hear when meeting with the client. Admin will explain one by one whether the difference between these two TV.

Consumer TV 

Consumer TV or regular TV we used to see in electrical stores and homes. This TV has a rather limited input such as input:


b. USB

c. RGB

Bezel / Border TV on this TV is a little thick compared to TV Professional. The price of consumer TV is environment RM800.00 – RM5,000.00, depending on size, resolution and brand. For the aspect of lighting / brightness, he is very different with TV Professional. Consumer TV has a slightly lower brightness value that is about 350 nits sahaja. The reserved usage period is only 8 hours. In terms of Warranty, only 1 year he was offered.

Professional TV

Professional TV or Industrial Gred TV is rarely heard. From a physical point of view, it is just like the Consumer TV but in terms of endurance and strength, it is on this TV. The inputs in this model are:


b. Display Port 1.2

c. USB

d. RGB

e. VGA / DVI-D

The Professional model has 2 categories of usage:

a. 16/7

b. 24/7

This category is showing the difference how to use the tv. If you want the TV to open 24 hours, then admin back up buy the 24 hour category. If you buy a 16h but let him open 24 hours, is he allowed? Yes, he still may but his life time will be reduced from the time to the time. Most professional TV models have a Life Time backlight for 50 000 hours.

In terms of brightness, there are many types of it:

a. 350 nits

b. 400 nits

c. 500 nits

d. 700 nits

The value of this brightness has a different price. The more he is bright, the more expensive the price. This intended brightness does not mean maximum brightness may be set but this value is the minimum value. If you open the TV, the value of 350 nits for example, it will be exposed on your screen without raising the brightness value.

Interested in this Professional TV but can it be on the outside market? This Professional TV is not to be found everywhere for electric stores like SengHeng, Harvy Norman and everywhere else. It may be obtained from a legitimate distributor (Distributor / Reseller) for the Jenama. Admin is also a distributor of Professional TV with various famous brands such as Panasonic, LG, Samsung, BenQ and ViewSonic. If interested you can read more here.