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Fever screening system – the importance of black body.

fever detection blak body


Check the environment before installation to make sure there is no other heat source like an air conditioner, sunshine, fan heater beside the black body. It is not suggested to install it outdoors for the reason that the thermal camera will be very sensitive to environment temperature; If especially required to install it outdoors, the extremely high temperature and low-temperature background should be avoided to show in the field of view of the IR camera. For example, rain, snow and the road or objects in the sunshine should be avoided to show in the field of view of IR camera. After installation, the temperature of the black body should be set to be a number, which is close to the temperature of the human skin, like 37.5 ℃ or 33℃, etc. In this user manual, we set it to be 37. 3 ℃, which is the initial high temperature of people for fever detection.

The setting of the black body

As mentioned in the beginning, the black body work as the temperature calibrator in the fever screening detection. A connection will be built between the IR camera and the black body, which will be instructed in the software part. The black body has to be switched on 20-30 minutes before starting the temperature measurement. The black body has to be mounted on tripod or ceiling mounted, close to the area which will be measured and it cannot be blocked by people who will be measured. Thus, the black body is suggested to be displayed on the left or right part of the IR camera view. Power on the black boy and set its temperature to be 33 ℃ or 37.3℃, which is close to the skin temperature. We set it to be 37. 3 ℃ in this user manual, which is the initial high temperature of people.