Multiview Videowall Controller – VPX401

Videowall Controller

4×1 HDMI multiviewer with 4K inputs and 4K60 output



Multiview Videowall Controller VPX401 007

Fixed Videowall Controller / Processor

VPX-500P is a high performance video processing workstation with pure hardware architecture for spectacular video wall displaying which can be employed in fields including education and research, government announcement, information publishing, exhibition and show, controlling and commanding center, security monitoring, etc.

Key Features

Matrix Switcher Videowall Controller VPX500 006

Multiple Splicing Modes

Arbitrary display of 8 images

VPX-500 can simultaneously display 8 same or different signal images on the splicing screen, and size, location and hierarchical relationship of each image can be adjusted independently.

CrossInt smart synchronous splicing

VPX-500 has adopted the CrossInt smart splicing technology specially designed for splicing display and all display modules are locked by BeingHD FST technology before synchronous output, eliminating the asynchronous display between contents of multiple modules.
Matrix Switcher Videowall Controller VPX500 008 2
Matrix Switcher Videowall Controller VPX500 009

8 DVI-U inputs

Equal to DVI-I, DVI-U, however, increases flexibility and may cover multiple digital and analog signals. VPX-500 supports 8 DVI-U inputs, which can receive DVI, HDMI, VGA and CVBS signals.

Support output port mapping, allowing blind-mate

VPX-500 supports output port mapping, allowing casual connection of 12 output ports without considering the physical and logic locations of the display unit. Users can directly adjust logic locations through equipment or BeingHD soft keys to make the splicing wall display images correctly.
Matrix Switcher Videowall Controller VPX500 010
Matrix Switcher Videowall Controller VPX500 011

Ethernet monitoring and preview

Users may obtain the real-time signals of VPX-500 by means of the BeingHD control soft keys in the computer, including the output images and preview of input signals. In this way, users may complete edition of the visualized display templates, thus realizingWYSIWYG software operation.

Full 60Hz Image Processing

VPX-500 provides full 60Hz perfect outputs that effectively resolve dynamic image ghosting caused by the low frame state and present sharp dynamic images.
Matrix Switcher Videowall Controller VPX500 012

Seamless Switching Between Signals

Support fade-in fade-out special effect or instant seamless switching of any signal, eliminating black frame, blue screen and so on.
Matrix Switcher Videowall Controller VPX500 013


Type DVI-U 

Qty. 8

·Support up to 1920×1200@60Hz, downward compatibility.
·Compatible with HDMI1.3 and lower version, EDID version1.3

Type DVI-D (24+1)

Qty. 12

·Support common output resolu􀆟ons: 1024×768@60Hz 􀆟ll 1920×1080@60Hz
.Support 60Hz/50Hz/30Hz outpu􀆞rame rates

Splicing Output

12 outputs support splicing mode of arbitrary form, such as: 3×4, 2×6etc.

Eight-image Display

Render 8 or fewer images on screen at the same time, which can come from the same or different input signals.
Each image can be freely zoomed and arranged. Images can overlap each other.


VPX-500 signal image can be gained on computer at real time by the control software which includes both input signal and output signal.

Special Effect Switch .

When switching signal, users can choose fade-out effect or quick direct switching

PC Control RS232/RJ45 Ethernet

Size (mm) 66(H)×432(L)×256(D)

Weight (Kg) 4

Input Power 100-240 VAC, 47- 63 Hz, ≤2A

Work Environment Temp:0-40℃; Humid: 0-95%

Warranty Free repair within 2 years