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Necessary Components for LED Display Screen ?

led display unilumin

A large LED display screen is actually made up of small components called cabinets or modules. Through interconnected networking and power supply, and configuration, all parts working together to become a nice large display. Here is the LED display system key components​ :

1. LED unit board

One of the core components of LED displays is the LED board itself. It directly affects the display effect. The unit board is composed of the LED module, the driver chip and the PCB (printed circuit board). It is actually made up of many LED luminous dot encapsulated by resin or plastic field-array.

2. Wires

This includes data lines, transmission lines, and power lines. The data line is the flat cable used to connect the control card and the LED unit board. The transmission line is used to connect the control card and computer. The power line, which is easier to understand, is used to connect the power source, control card and LED unit board. The diameter of the copper core of the power line connecting the unit board is not less than 1mm. The flat cable is similar to the data line inside the computer case, except that the width is slightly different. Special pliers (pictures) are needed to make flat cables. It can greatly improve the work efficiency and the yield. 

Materials for making flat cables include cables, cable heads and cable caps. It should be noted that if you want to make a 16-pin flat cable, you need to buy a cable head and a cable cap that of the corresponding size. Steps: cut cables flat with scissors, place the first cable head (be careful about the balance between cables and the cable head), put it in the center of the crimping pliers, press firmly, wind cables around and install the cable cap. The cable cap is very important. It can protect the flat cable and keep the it firm and tight. We can’t miss this part.

3. Power source

as one of the main parts of LED displays, LED power source plays an important role. According to research data, more than 80% of breakdowns are caused by the power source. Product quality depends on the producer while customer's relief lies in choosing a good producer. When selecting the special power source for LED displays, you need to consider the characteristics of your LED display. So, how to choose the power source for LED displays?

a. Firstly, choose the power source with good appearance, which means that the uniformity of its components array is excellent.

b. Secondly, check the efficiency of the power source. The energy-saving level of the power source is based on efficiency. When a good power source is full-loaded, the efficiency must be higher than 80%. The higher the efficiency is, the less the active power input will be.

c. Thirdly, the PFC value is also important for efficiency. The PF value of a power source without the PFC function may be lower than 0.6. A low PF value will increase reactive power and cause huge power losses. 

d. Fourthly, ensure excellent stability for the power source, which will affect the stability and working life of LED displays. It can be suggested by the ripple and the rise of temperature. The power source with good stability has a low ripple and a small rise of temperature.

4. Control card

it is recommended to choose a bar-screen control card, for the cost is relatively low. It belongs to the asynchronous card, which can still save information when power is cut off. It is very convenient to use. The bar-screen control card is able to control a dual-color screen of 1/16 scans and 256×16 dots. It can be used to assemble the most cost-effective LED display. It can display the information stored in without connecting to a PC.

LED components determine the quality of LED displays.​ Therefore, when selecting LED displays, we should be careful from the small components level. Only in this way can the quality of displays be guaranteed.