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Enhancing Digitalisation in Education with Interactive Arvia Smartboard

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Enhancing Digitalisation in Education with Interactive Arvia Smartboard

The digitalisation of education in Malaysia is set to take a leap forward with the introduction of interactive smart boards in schools nationwide. The initiative is the result of a cooperation between Israk Solutions Sdn Bhd and the Putrajaya Federal Territory Education Department, aimed at revolutionising the current education delivery system.

According to Israk Solutions Sdn Bhd CEO Ahmad Najib Habeb, the “Arvia Certified Educator” program will provide teachers with the skills required to optimise the use of the technology involved and create a dynamic and interesting teaching experience. The Arvia smart board technology was created to provide an interactive and enjoyable experience for students, thereby enhancing the learning experience.

The Putrajaya Federal Territory Education Department’s Educational Technology Resources Division has already conducted a training workshop on the usage of the smart board technology. The session involved the introduction and exposure of the Arvia smart board to teachers from several schools around Putrajaya, and this will be continuously carried out by Israk Solutions and the Education Department.

The smart board technology has the potential to revolutionise the teaching and learning methodology, and it is hoped that its introduction will have a positive impact on schools and students nationwide. The continued training programme will enable teachers to upgrade the learning experience for students and prepare them to face the many challenges of the digital era.

The cooperation between the Education Department and Israk Solutions plays a crucial role in digitalising education in Malaysia. With the introduction of interactive smart boards, teachers will be able to provide an innovative and interesting teaching experience, resulting in a more dynamic and enjoyable learning environment for students.

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