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LED Screen Panel Flexible & Save Time

LED Screen Panel Flexible & Save Time

led screen panel

Electronic image displays called led screen panels show a variety of static adverts in a cyclical fashion. Greater outdoor billboards can be seen alongside roads, while smaller indoor billboards can be seen in places of amusement like sports stadiums. In 2010, 2,000 led screen panel displays were available for leasing from outdoor advertising businesses in the United States, according to EMC Outdoor.


The dimensions of outdoor LED screen panels are the same as those of conventional, static billboards. The Poster and Bulletin, both measuring 12 feet by 24 feet and 14 feet by 48 feet respectively, are the most popular sizes. To produce the image on these billboards, hundreds of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used. The same LED-based displays are used in larger interior LED screen panels as they are in outdoor LED screen panels. Liquid crystal display (LCD) video screens, like those seen in computer monitors and televisions, may be used in smaller indoor led screen panels. A post or a wall may be used to mount LED screen panels.


The advertising images are delivered to the display screen via a small computer attached to the led screen panel. By connecting to the billboard computer via the wireless cellular phone network, advertising companies can update the advertisements on these billboards remotely. The digital advertisement is created by a designer on a computer and then uploaded to any number of displays. For 6 to 10 seconds, led screen panels show commercials, with as many as eight enterprises sharing one billboard.


According to Sign Industry magazine, a typical 14-foot by 48-foot LED display costs advertising companies $290,000 to purchase as of 2009. The demand for the technology and the agency’s higher initial expenditure are reflected in the increased advertising charges. Businesses should budget between $1,200 and $10,000 per month on average for digital advertising. They can be required to pay an extra design cost. However, by producing their own digital commercials with design tools, many advertisers have saved money.


Time is saved and there is design freedom with led screen panels. While updating for led screen panels is done through the computer, traditional billboards had to be printed, adhered, and removed by hand. This enables advertisers to constantly switch out billboards and provide urgent information faster. For instance, police enforcement organisations can advertise daily bargains on billboards or retail establishments can use them to promote public emergency.


There are some restrictions on advertising on these digital displays. Fine lines and shading are challenging to portray effectively on LEDs since they can only display one colour at a time. Additionally, multiple ads are displayed on led screen panels at one time, making exclusivity a problem. Due to the fact that monthly expenses are frequently twice as much as those for a conventional billboard, costs can also be a problem for small enterprises with tight resources.


Different state and local legislation apply to digital signs. Due to their apparent propensity to promote what Sign Industry magazine refers to as “driver distraction,” the usage of led screen panels has been restricted or outright prohibited in a few of locations. To lessen visual blight, communities also have limited digital signage. Led screen panels are regarded as a permissible form of roadside advertising by the US Department of Transportation, despite strict restrictions on light intensity, display time, spacing, and position.


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