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Practical Application of Digital Signage

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Digital signs are employed by a wide variety of businesses, institutions, and many other public installations that need to provide information on a timely basis. Retailers can use digital signages to attract customers into their stores with compelling product images and exciting offers. They use on mirror, single TV signage or large videowall signage. Once inside, digital signs can be used to enhance the shopping experience by providing key product/selling features at point-of-purchase.

digital signage application

Quick Service Restaurants use digital signs to provide patrons with menu options in an exciting fashion.

Corporations can employ digital signs in a variety of ways – from an informative lobby sign to greet clients, wayfinding, and as visual support in conference rooms, which can increase engagement and collaboration.
Theaters and performing art centers use digital signs to create exciting marquees.

Art and Exhibition Centers can use digital signs to provide patrons with a wealth of information that complements
the exhibits, for a more immersive experience.

Municipal Offices can employ digital signs to inform local citizens about upcoming meetings and events. Transportation Facilities, such as airports or train stations, can employ digital signs to deliver important information to travelers, such as departure and arrival times, whether they are coming or going. They can also be employed in waiting areas to broadcast news, weather, and other relevant information.

Hotels can use digital signs to entertain, educate, and welcome engagement. They can set a mood, define a space, or be employed as wayfinding signs.

Extended Care Facilities and Hospitals can employ digital signs in many ways, from providing staff with critical information
and consultation support, or to provide visitors with wayfinding and to provide a relaxing environment.

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