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Advantages of Interactive Whiteboard

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The interactive whiteboard is the recent advancement in office and school environment, as compared to older technology such as chalkboard and blackboard. The usage is more meaningful and advantageous with the addition of an Interactive Whiteboard software usually come with it, making meetings and teaching in the classroom more effective and become the forefront of modern business.

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Do you know you can use your existing projector and board to make an Interactive Whiteboard? More info click here.

The following list are five methods why interactive whiteboard interaction is a great technology :

  1. Improve Participation
    Instead of spending 30 minutes on one-way presentations being shared across a PowerPoint presentation; an interactive whiteboard allows colleagues to engage with the information being discussed. Files can be easily shared, accessed, edited, and saved all on the interactive whiteboard. Meeting leaders can emphasize things in real-time—making changes to whatever topic is at hand as feedback is received from coworkers.
  2. Increase Communication
    Not only can you share files with those at the meeting, but an interactive whiteboard also allows for the ability to easily share the screen with remote attendees. This way everyone has exactly the same information and all team members are on the same page. At the end of the meeting or presentation, the meeting leader can email, print, and share everything that came up in the whiteboarding session.
  3. Effectively annotate documents
    Unlike document sharing, interactive whiteboard users can make persistent and effective changes to documents during the session. Tools included with whiteboards can allow for 3D modeling, estimating, hyperlinking, video links, and other applications that can improve communication and make documents stronger. Writing is clear and concise, and harder to misconstrue.
  4. Data sharing and interconnectivity
    With the right hardware, interconnectivity with mobile connectivity compatibility can be improved. An interaction between boards can connect with user’s Android smart devices with a single application. This results in a greater range of data sharing and interconnectivity.
  5. Information at fingertips
    One to five fingers can be used to gesture and work with touch-screen whiteboards—no mouse, no pointers, and no ink stains everywhere. Users cannot do this with document sharing.

interactive whiteboardThe Whiteboard Advantages

  • Specially designed for education and business environment
  • Low-cost Interactive whiteboard
  • Can use existing projector, TV or board
  • Support High Resolution and real-time writing speed.
  • Display Vibrant image with virtually no glare
  • Simultaneous multi-user capability
  • Providing creativity and fun while learning or meeting.
  • A new way to inspire your student with powerful interactive tools.


Interactive whiteboards are now a critical part of learning institutions and businesses. They do not only bring greater efficiency and convenience in learning but also foster engagement and drive performance. As you can see, the interactive whiteboard advantages are so many that any learning institution or corporate company can’t afford to ignore. Adopting the video conferencing or online meeting system with interactive whiteboards might require some financial commitment but it pays in the long run. With such a robust technology, students and/or corporate groups can meaningfully engage with one another in interactive and collaborative sessions. That allows both the presenter and participants to explore numerous possibilities in business ideas or academic knowledge that was previously unknown. For learning institutions and companies that use interactive whiteboards performance and success is simply inevitable.