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Cheap Thermal Camera

cheap thermal camera

Are you looking for Cheap thermal camera? Through the combination of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal images, the body surface temperature can be detected, which can be quickly and safely screened If the temperature is abnormal, take measures quickly to prevent the fever from flowing. This equipment is very durable to use, easy to install and work, can be flexibly controlled, reducing personnel investment. Additionally, in the case of a large number of people, rapid detection and screening can also be performed. For example, 60 people can be counted in one minute, and 3,000 people can be reached in 50 minutes. The solution is simple to deploy and ready to use which can reduce the investment in personnel costs and accelerate the speed of fever temperature screening.

0.1 second quick troubleshooting
Non-contact temperature measurement, improve personnel passing efficiency and avoid queue and gathering

High and low-temperature automatic tracking
High and low-temperature automatic tracking, real-time display temperature

Accuracy ±0.3°C
Accuracy ≤0.3 ° C after calibration (emissivity, temperature measurement point, temperature adjustable)

Automatic high-temperature alarm
Customizable high-temperature alarm value, automatic voice alarm above alarm value

Cheap Infrared Thermal Imaging Function

Real-time Image transmission

The device can be connected with computers, all-in-one devices, etc. The temperature measurement image is transmitted to the screen in real-time for clear viewing without the need to stand in front of the device to protect the safety of testing personnel and avoid cross-infection.

Automatic high-temperature alarm

Customizable high-temperature alarm value setting. Lights, screen prompts, and voice alarms will be performed when the temperature is higher than the alarm temperature, which effectively helps inspectors to quickly screen abnormal temperature personnel.

High-temperature fast tracking

Center temperature measurement •High & low-temperature automatic tracking •Real-time display temperature on screen

Automatic high temperature tracking Automatic low-temperature tracking

Comparison between Arvia Temperature system, Handheld thermometer, Temperature door and Face recognition temperature measurement