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Experience the unparalleled functionality and reliability of the leading touchscreen kiosk in Malaysia.

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Various operating systems, sizes, specifications that tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

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Arvia Floor Standing Ultra Slim - FLR 100
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Arvia Rotatable Super Slim Series - FLR101
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Arvia Floor Standing Super Slim - FLR 103
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Arvia Portable Slim Floor Standing - FLR104
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Arvia 32 Self Service Kiosk - ARVSSK

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We have a strong track record in Malaysia since 2010. With quality products, extensive industry experience, and cost-efficient solutions tailored to your needs, we guarantee satisfaction

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With our comprehensive solutions and unparalleled expertise, you'll gain the edge needed to surpass your goals and achieve extraordinary results

Innovative Interactive Features
Equipped with innovative features such as gesture recognition, allowing users to interact with the kiosk effortlessly. With augmented reality integration, our kiosks offer immersive experiences that captivate and delight users.
Comprehensive Support and Service
Our experts will guide you from consultation to installation, ensuring seamless operation of your interactive kiosk solution. We are committed to its smooth and efficient functioning.
Customization and Branding Options
Our customizable interactive kiosk solutions reflect your brand's aesthetics and messaging. From branded interfaces to personalized content, we ensure the kiosk aligns seamlessly with your brand.
Proven Track Record and Success Stories
Realize tangible benefits with our interactive kiosk solutions. Experience increased customer engagement, improved efficiency, and enhanced brand perception.
Robust and Secure Hardware Technology
Built to withstand heavy usage and endure harsh environments. With tamper-proof features and advanced security measures, you can trust that our kiosks prioritize data protection and secure transactions.
Device Management
Enabling administrators to efficiently monitor, control, and manage multiple kiosks from a centralized platform. This ensures smooth operation, enhanced security, and ease of maintenance for your interactive kiosk network.

Create, Design, Publish, Monitor: Touchscreen Kiosk

Powerful CMS Platform
Our software integrates multimedia resources, enabling remote production, publishing, and management of interactive touchscreen programs effortlessly.
Intuitive Navigation
Our CDMS features customizable menus that guarantee a user-friendly navigation experience, making it an ideal choice for self-service kiosks and wayfinding directories.
Interactive Experiences
Arvia Kiosk excels in innovative web-based HTML5 content development, crafting immersive and impactful experiences for lobbies, and meetings.
Impactful Experiences
Our CDMS is versatile, delivered dynamic content and engaging presentations & meet diverse objectives in various settings and expectations.

Usage of Interactive Kiosk Solution in Professional and Infotainment Setting

Revolutionize engagement and efficiency by offering immersive and user-friendly experiences.

Corporate Office
Corporate Office
Provide self-service options for employees, such as check-in systems, visitor management, and access to company information. This streamlines administrative processes, enhances efficiency, and improves communication within the organization.
Digital displays for prayer times, Quranic resources, and community announcements. Provide access to Islamic educational resources, historical information, and multimedia content, fostering a deeper connection with worshippers.
Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
Offer wayfinding maps, directories, and product locators to help visitors navigate the mall easily. They can also provide information about stores, promotions, and special events, enriching the shopping experience and increasing customer engagements.
Offer self-service check-in and appointment scheduling options for patients. They can provide educational content, health assessments, and wayfinding assistance, improving the patient experience and optimizing healthcare facility operations.
Enable customers to conveniently place orders, customize meals, and make secure payments independently. This reduces waiting times, enhances order accuracy, and empowers customers with control over their personalized dining experience.
Transportation Hubs
Transportation Hubs
Interactive kiosk solutions in transportation hubs like airports or train stations provide real-time flight/train information, self-service ticketing, and wayfinding directions. They simplify travel, reduce queues, and enhance passenger experience.

Trust Our Expertise

Experience and improve the limitless possibilities with our comprehensive range, proven expertise, and reliable performance.

Our experts will help you navigate the digital marketing landscape and unlock the full potential of your brand's communication.
Quality Assurance
We deliver superior quality in every aspect, from our robust enclosures and tested computers to our reliable kiosk software. Our exceptional warranty and after-sales support demonstrate our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
Technical Excellence
Our engineers create durable, low-maintenance interactive computer kiosks, prioritizing backward compatibility, environmental considerations, and security. These long-lasting solutions are easy to install and cater to your business needs.
We ensure a smooth and flawless deployment of interactive kiosk solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.
Staff Training
Our certified trainers provide comprehensive training sessions on our solutions, enabling your staff to confidently utilize our system and drive impactful results.

Frequently Ask Question

Use interactive kiosks to allow a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education.
Interactive kiosks are self-service solutions that allow users reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, easily updated and enhance customer experience by providing immediate service.
A common example of a kiosk is a self-checkout terminal at a grocery store. Another interactive touch screen is an information through a user-friendly interface at a shopping mall or museum.
Kiosks allow several benefits including improving customer service, information sharing, display information, increasing sales, reducing operational costs, and providing flexibility and convenience for customers.
The cost of a digital kiosk can vary greatly depending on its specifications, design, and functionality. Contact us for a detailed quotation.
The requirements for a kiosk depend on its intended use. However, engaging digital content and information is common requirements include an easy-to-use interface, sturdy construction, and secure software.

Kiosks can be powered by standard electrical outlets or, in some cases, by battery. The choice often depends on the location and intended use of the kiosk.

Most interactive kiosks incorporate encryption and secure software protocols to ensure the safety of data and transactions. However, as with all digital platforms, it's crucial to regularly update and maintain the software to protect against potential vulnerabilities.

The core components include a touchscreen interface, a computer or microprocessor, connectivity equipment (like Wi-Fi or Ethernet), and often peripherals like printers, scanners, or card readers.

Kiosks often reduce wait times, offer services round-the-clock, and provide an intuitive self-service experience, enabling users to access services or information at their own pace without human intervention.

Interactive kiosks often come equipped with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or other integration tools. This allows them to seamlessly connect with a company's existing software, databases, or digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive user experience and data synchronization.

Absolutely. Businesses can often tailor the software interface, physical design, and functionalities of a kiosk to meet specific needs or branding requirements.


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