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Temperature scanner or thermal imaging cameras are the latest devices, many government agencies worldwide are recommending as one of the SOP to reopen the business and re-energize the economy while keeping people safe from the threat of COVID-19. Unlike many competitor's products, Arvia Temperature Scanner ARV-FS02 measure accurate temperature and much faster face recognition from 6ft away and do not require to stop for temperature scanning.

Different types of technologies and solutions already being used at commercial and government buildings, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and more. In general, a temperature scanner or camera is used to detect temperature and produce an alarm if elevated body temperature is detected. Someone could be denied entry or request for further screening if the alarm is activated. 

Israk Solutions Sdn. Bhd., is a reputable provider of temperature screening solution as well as Pro AV based in Malaysia, has been promoting Arvia Temperature Scanner with Face Recognition ARV-FS02. It is one of the scanner types that come with a built-in 7″ screen and 2 Million binocular cameras. No additional monitor or CPU is required. It offers many added features that other system does not. For example, with such high precision face recognition algorithms and embedded neural network processing, it offers a 99.99% successful rate even with a face mask or a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.

The device has a temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.3C. It comes in 4 different configurations; wall-mount, vertical mount, tabletop or floor standing. Instead of the commonly used thermopile detector, they use 10,800 pixels of Infrared focal plane area array thermal imaging for better performance. Compared to the over-priced mass fever screening system, Arvia ARV-FS02 is more affordable plus it comes with more integrated features beyond temperature scanning such as integration with HRIS or attendance system, turnstile control, door access, etc. This makes the investment more sense in the long run.

“We have been receiving many inquiries for demo from private companies and government agencies so they can experience the technology in action. It's a new normal that require thermal screening to be placed in front of every lobby or entrance” said Ahmad Najib Habeb, director of Israk Solutions Sdn. Bhd. He added that the company has sold its temperature scanners not only in Malaysia but also to the USA, Europe, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and many more. However, he cautioned the screening tool “doesn't detect coronavirus,” but only act as one of many preventive measures taken to help reduce the risk.

Mr. Habeb said, “Staff or visitors can just walk through the scanner, at a normal walking pace. This avoids any inconvenience and slow traffic movement and makes the temperature screening process more seamless.”

In conclusion, we urge the company to review their buying criteria. They should not buy something that is very expensive that never budgeted for and can only be used for a temperature screening! When the pandemic is over, that device will no longer be needed and it's a total waste. The cheaper solution, such as a manual IR temperature gun is impractical because you would require a dedicated person to handle the temperature scanning process and cause inconvenience when there is less than the recommended distance during the screening process. Automated temperature screening devices are the best but it must offer great value for your money so your business can run as usual.